Asmara Indie Film Festival




The 2nd edition of the Asmara Indie Film Festival is many things. It’s a victory lap back home to the Bay Area after an inaugural 2018 at Seattle’s historic Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute. This year, we’re proud to present at The New Parkway Theater in Oakland, CA. 

It’s also the year that visionary Eritrean/ African American artist and serial entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle (born Ermias Asghedom) was murdered. The world lost a brilliant mind, and countless creatives lost a peer and inspiration-- including the people behind AIFF. We honestly almost didn’t have a festival this year. We run it, we own it, but we were not on it. Finding a way to produce a top notch program amidst this tragedy, and our own creative projects, and the regularly scheduled madness of life, and the buffoonery of...well, buffoons that we see constantly in a media ecosystem that takes no days off. It made us want to take a day off! A year off, you get it. But with Nipsey’s death (and with how fast this year is going by), this summer we were reminded of what we know is true but often forget when we are fatigued: life is short. And so one evening sitting on the roof of Oeste talking about this, we said “JIMINY CRICKET! That can be the theme.” (maybe Sephora said that out loud and maybe Elilta just said it with a twinkle in her eyes). And AIFF makes it to year two. Careening towards you with the velocity of two friends, some sparkling rose, and nothing to lose. 

This year’s program presents a series of curated short films, a tribute to Nipsey Hussle featuring videos and interviews, and an after party at Au Lounge. We hope to see you there. 

Elilta Tewelde and Sephora Woldu