Asmara Indie Film Festival




Yirga | Short film | dir. Bethiael Araya*

The night before Yirga’s big move, she’s plagued by one problem. With her peace of mind at stake, she must take matters into her own hands.

Beles | Short film | dir. Sam Gebremiche*

An East African kid (Aginy Teklu) and his friends wakes up every morning to collect a valuable fruit called Beles from the deep mountains of his village.

Rise N’ Shine | Concept trailer | by Lull Mengesha*

Rise and Shine is a sci-fi comedy series exploring a world where people of color inherently win. A second sun enters the solar system, sending the world into chaos. Only those with darker skin can withstand the rays of the new sun, forcing those with lighter skin inside or underground.

The Town Folk Project | Photo/ video series | by Jeff Arthur and Scott Hoag

A photo project focused on the people and stories that made Oakland what it is today.

Daytimer | Short film | dir. Riz Ahmed

1999. Naseem gives school and home the slip to attend his first daytime rave.

*Filmmaker in attendance

[ The 2019 Festival Selections will be followed by a special tribute to Nipsey Hussle (Ermias Asghedom), created by AIFF founders Sephora Woldu and Elilta Tewelde. ]